Aluminium Windows


The MB-59S CASEMENT system is intended for production of tilt windows and windows opening outwards – the economical ones and possessing good functional qualities at the same time. This type of windows is intended to be mounted both in wall openings and in mullion-transom facades. The construction is based on the window/door system with a […]



The system is used primarily for internal building elements – different types of walls, windows, doors – including sliding, swing, automatic, vestibules, cash boxes, display cases, etc. It is the basis for special solutions: partitions and smoke doors. It also allows you to perform external doors and glazing in situations not requiring thermal profiles.



The windows and doors MB-86 system is a product with high performance, giving the opportunity to meet the diverse needs of users. MB-86 is the first in the world system of aluminum windows and doors using air gel – a material with excellent thermal insulation. The advantages of the MB-86 system is high strength of profiles, allowing erection of large size and weight structures.

On the basis of the MB-86 system panel doors can also be executed, which provide rich aesthetic opportunities and are able to meet the expectations of the most demanding users.



The MB-70 system is characterized by a sensationally low U heat transfer coefficient using

special thermal spacers and sealing.

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