PVC Windows

Veka Alphaline 90

Veka windows is a high energy-saving new-generation product of highest quality that meets all the standards of modern architects and individual investors. It is a perfect solution fo those who value safety, precision, and styilish design. Its biggest advandatage is that it will reduce your heating bills.


BluEvolution 92 Salamander

Elegance and comfort in two variants – rounded or flat – will make any room look modern. These models would also have a positive impact on energy consumption. RAL-A class profiles, thanks to their width (92 mm) are characterized with good thermal isolation properties and high energy efficiency. Low profile of the frame makes it […]


Aluplast Ideal 4000

Modern technology profile characterized by a unique and harmonious design and a wealth of additional system solutions. Windows meet the requirements of modern construction, the combination of cutting-edge technology with the convenience of use at a very favorable price.


Salamander 76

It is based on a rounded profile, which makes the room cozier. Modern shape of the profile, together with a snow-white shiny color, combined with high class PVC material, altogether form a classy window. The profile, due to its structure, makes it possible to use glass bundles that reach widths up to 48 mm.

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