Balcony Doors

The balcony as an additional living space plays a vital role in many people’s daily lives, making choosing a suitable balcony door very essential.

Balcony doors of plastic, PVC-aluminium, wood, wood-aluminum, aluminum, matching quality glazing, and varying optional accessories, are available from our website. We advise using our configurator to create your balcony door with the best price-to-performance ratio and purchase online.

Our balcony doors include:
 Plastic balcony doors
 Plastic-aluminum balcony doors
 Wood balcony doors
 Wood-aluminum balcony doors
 Aluminum balcony doors

Material Is A Determinant Of The Price
When choosing a balcony door, consider some factors, for example, the material utilized in constructing the door, since it has a significant impact on the efficacy of its thermal insulation. You can assemble different plastic, aluminum, and wood models to meet your specifications.

Each material has its set of benefits and drawbacks. A wide variety of combinations are possible depending on the construction environment.

Steps To Design Your Personal Fantasy Balcony Door

 Material And Profile Selection
Top-quality profiles using plastic, PVC aluminum, wood, wood-aluminum, or aluminum.

 Selecting Specific Type And Color
Different colors and designs of balcony doors in one or several parts are available to fit any property.

 Choosing Specific Individual Dimensions
Whether small, wide, low, or high, we construct our balcony doors with millimeter accuracy.

 Glazing Selection
You can choose from insulating glazing, soundproof glazing, safety glazing, and decorative glass.

 Enhancing Your Burglary Security
High-quality Winkhaus fittings with resistance classes of RC 2 N and locking handles.

 Directly Order Roller Shutters
Top-mounted or front-mounted roller shutters in your color choice and drive type.

Additional Information

Plastic is a popular material because it is low-cost, easy maintenance, and upkeep. Furthermore, a plastic balcony door provides excellent thermal insulation, ensuring the heat remains inside the room without escaping through the door.

However, plastic has the drawback of being elastic and inclined to warp over time. Consequently, your PVC balcony doors must have a steel core. A steel core like this also provides adequate burglar security. As a result, our plastic profiles are from Aluplast, a well-known company.

Wooden balcony doors are an environmentally friendly option with an exquisite appearance enhanced by the addition of sash bars. However, because wood is a natural raw material, it necessitates much attention and upkeep. On the other hand, regular glazing and repainting can retain it for years.

Wooden balcony doors make up for this minor flaw with their excellent soundproofing and insulation qualities, providing even more reasons to buy them. These doors are the most environmentally friendly since wood is an inexhaustible natural raw material.
Our balcony doors are of only the highest quality wood. This grade One wood is knot-free without significant resin inclusions, making it highly stable and long-lasting.

Aluminum balcony doors are very robust, with a high-end appearance and excellent thermal insulation. The profiles are waterproof and insensitive owing to a coated surface.

Generally, the corrosion-free and weather-resistant elements provide a high-degree performance and durability. They require very little maintenance and care, thereby saving a significant amount of time. You do not have to treat or repaint the material like you would a wooden balcony door.

On the other hand, wood allows the application of a new color multiple times. Aluminum balcony doors are also more expensive than doors made of different materials. Another downside of aluminum is its high heat conductivity, leading to moisture and mold growth.

However, the thicker construction depth of this door provides the highest possible stability, making the balcony door dimensionally robust and preventing warping. Consequently, it is critical to consider the material with the better benefits.

The good features of both materials combine in plastic and aluminum, therefore satisfying the highest criteria.


Balcony doors should always be securely locked, especially if hidden from view. Otherwise, criminals will have an easy time since windows and doors are still among the weakest areas in most structures. The typically needed tools to open and damage cheap, old balcony doors are a crowbar and a screwdriver.
We offer highly effective equipment with reinforced safety glass, locks and fittings, an alarm system, and a roller shutter for a well-secured balcony door. Also, balcony doors are more secure with lockable window handles. All of these mentioned elements are available with us.


You may choose from a large selection of materials, opening directions, opening mechanisms, and colors in the configurator to establish all of the characteristics and functionalities of your new balcony door.
For example, you can choose between a turn-tilt mechanism and a sliding function. Lift and slide doors also allow access to a terrace up to 6.7 meters wide for an advantage. Therefore, you can choose from multiple wings.

Also, with or without a mullion, multi-leaf doors are available. Since the post is on the sash profile, you can fully open the door with the forend construction. You can get into the garden or the balcony without barriers or bumps using a barrier-free version that does not have a threshold.

Security is essential in choosing doors. In the case of a break-in, balcony and patio doors are the best point of entry. Consequently, a burglar-resistant door is highly recommendable, especially if it is a side entrance door.

When considering the energy efficiency of a balcony door, there is nothing like minimalizing. This approach ensures no heat energy loss via the wide aperture. For example, we offer unique thermal insulation glazing to save you from spending a lot of money on heating in the long run.

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