A Stronghold of Innovation It all began in 1996, and since our establishment, Panorama has been manufacturing, installing and precision-engineering solutions for your homes, offices and buildings. Being the market leader and having a Żywiec countrywide presence, our formula for success is simple, offering energy efficient and customised windows, gates, blinds & doors – guaranteeing customer satisfaction. All of our products are designed and manufactured keeping in mind harsh climatic and environmental conditions in Poland. Our innovative technologies are a proud result of our extensive research and development effort. At Panorama, we take utmost care and precision in crafting windows that would last decades. We provide a wide range of high-quality design options that work flawlessly. Our pioneering solution provides heat insulation, security and design at its best. As a result, we are opening the windows to the future. With over 25 years of experience, Panorama offers premium windows, blinds and doors systems that have helped it build a loyal customer base. It’s always been synonymous with optimum quality and trust, offers an extensive range of windows, blinds, windowsills and doors that are clear cut above the competition.   It’s Not Just A WINDOW… Yet so much more For many, it’s just a simple window, but for us, it’s a symbol of safety, warmth and comfort. Our uPVC solutions can do so much more than you can imagine. Windows, blinds and doors are usually used in homes, offices and dorms to create a private space. But, for us, they are a permanent fixture of happiness that brings joy for generations to come. Panorama offers uPVC doors, blinds and windows that enhances your personal as well as professional spaces with affordable, low-maintenance, high-performing and easy-to-work solutions. Our efficient functionality, classic aesthetic and robust built promises enduring durability.   Technology That Improves the Standard Of Living Whether you live in a Mediterranean villa or a country cottage, our windows and doors help you make a luxurious, contemporary and extraordinary statement. All of our products deliver impressive insulation figures, fire-resistant, reduce heating costs, minimize CO2 and protection against all external factors. We also offer high-end internal and external windowsills that use advanced technologies. Ensuring to meet the highest standards of durability and protection against scratch, impact and wear, along with high resistance to weather conditions, such as water, humidity, vapour and UV radiation. Protect yourself and your loved ones from unwanted guests (robbers). The safety component in our Aluplast products provides top-notch burglary defence. The adhesive used by us provides an extra, heavy-duty bond between the pane and the sash, making it the best way to prevent the sash from being pried open. As a result, no robber can get through a window. Our Rehau, Aluplast and Veka solutions are your best choice to keep warmth exactly where it is needed the most – inside your house. It delivers higher thermal insulation than any conventional window can ever provide. They are equipped with ground-breaking technologies that you won’t be able to live without.   Why Choose Panorama Our uPVC solutions drench your room with beauty, elegance and efficient functionality. We are on a continuous journey to engineer innovative solutions that enhance lives with its contemporary and traditional styles. Equipped with state-of-the-art trends and technologies along with beautiful, aesthetically pleasing designs are the best product for your corporate as well as personal space. Our blinds come in a variety of colours giving you the freedom to add a touch of charm, character and warmth to your spaces; without compromising on quality, safety and durability. We have proven our-self for providing exceptional services with a wide range of our products ranging from uPVC and Aluminum Windows and Door. All our products are constructed using the finest quality of steel and zinc variations ranging from full steel segment, steel segment with windows, aluminum glazed segment, aluminum glazed panel. Furthermore, it includes a strong multi-layer metal sheet bending system that ensures solid mounting of hinges, giving you peace of mind. In short, we offer state-of-the-art solutions with warranty and post-warranty service. Our focus is on delivering utmost customer satisfaction by proving our customers with products having environmentally-friendly CFC-free polyurethane materials – protecting and safeguarding not only homes but also the environment.
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