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The evolution of façade systems has been rapid. They are built to last and possess superior qualities to traditional buildings.

Hence, you can have more innovative buildings, showrooms, and glazing structures with exceptional attributes and matching contemporary trends.

Facade systems typically comprise structural components capable of providing lateral and vertical opposition to wind, weather, thermal, and noisy actions. At the same time, facades are the front part of buildings.

Significant types of façade systems are lightweight and heavyweight systems. Lightweight systems are further divided into panel façade and curtain walling systems. We have prefabricated, traditional, rain-screen cladding and ETI systems for the heavyweight type.

In this era of creativity and building of luxurious and beautiful buildings, facade systems generally find applications in the production of façade used in spatial structures, roof glazing and commercial buildings.

The reason why it is used in these kinds of structures is not far-fetched and includes

Ø A wide range of sophisticated appearances, aesthetic designs, performances, and textures

Ø Most façades are amazing, made in Poland. Windows From Poland

Ø They are wind resistant

Ø High energy efficiency and high energy performance

Ø Superior level of acoustic and thermal insulation

Our façade systems have offered these benefits and many more. You can look at some of our products to make a bold and robust architectural statement.

We also make customized façade systems for our interested and esteemed buyers based on their specifications. Thus, contact us if you need a high fire-resistant solution or one with high energy efficiency.

MB-TT50 – Curtain Wall, Aluprof,
Polish windows

Regarding the construction of passive buildings, the MB-TT50 is a superior façade system, thanks to its three-zone drainage and ventilation system. Not only that, the system also has seals that make it a reliable system even in poor weather conditions.

If you are thinking about its protective features used to protect buildings during adverse situations, it includes burglary protection (WK2/WK3). Also, a thermal insulation of from 0,5W/(m2k), water tightness class RE 1800 Pa, Wind tightness 2700 Pa, and Air tightness class AE 1350 Pa, thus, ensuring optimal performance. Infact, its thermal insulation includes special connectors which permit the safe installation of large and heavy sashes.

Interestingly, when it comes to functionality, it’s above par compared to crossbar facades. This Mullion-transform MB-TT50 also offers high flexibility as it has a wide range of angle connection selections.

Since it is a high-capacity façade system unit, you can use large-size glazing units. Let’s know the quantity you want by clicking the buy option.

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