Aluminium Windows


A stable system that provides excellent thermal insulation and safety at the highest level. It works well in the production of windows, doors and shop windows. Dedicated to energy-saving construction. system with a thermal break, frame depth – 65 mm, leaf depth – 74 mm, glazing with packages – from 4 to 50 mm (fixed glazing and […]


Decalu 88 Hidden

A window system characterized by a hidden sash. It provides very good thermal and acoustic insulation, while maintaining an extremely original appearance. system with a hidden sash, construction depth 88 mm, two gaskets, gaskets integrated with the profiles, U w = 0.9 W / m 2 K (when using a two-chamber package), U f from 0.81 W / m 2 K, maximum glazing thickness […]


Decalu 88 Standard

Lower assembly height, smaller width of movable posts and very good thermal parameters – these are just some of the advantages of the Decalu 88 standard system. base system for other systems from the Decalu line, system with a thermal break, construction depth 83 mm, two gaskets, gaskets integrated with the profiles, folding the frame […]


Decalu 94 Retro

The system is a visual reference to wooden windows. Retro-style aluminum – it meets market expectations. By choosing Decalu 94 retro, you get not only a unique design, but also high thermal insulation parameters. the system looks similar to wooden windows, construction depth 94 mm, two gaskets, gaskets integrated with the profiles, U w from 0.9 W / m 2 K […]


Decalu 110 Steel

Aluminum windows made on the basis of the Decalu 110 Steel system from the outside definitely stand out with their appearance. They are characterized by a “steel look”. Characteristically cut profiles resemble steel fittings. “steel look” system, system with a thermal break, construction depth 110 mm, two gaskets, gaskets integrated with the profiles, folding the frame and […]



Effective mullion and transom walls based on the MB-SR50N system are an element that definitely stands out in the urban landscape. The facades are appreciated for their appearance and modern design, but also for their utility character. a system intended for the construction of facades, system with a thermal break, aluminum post profiles from 65 to 325 mm, bolts […]



Modern and warm aluminum windows. The available wide range of system sections guarantees the required aesthetics and strength of the structure. Importantly – the profiles can be bent, which is why they are perfect for creating arched windows. frame installation depth – 65 mm, sash installation depth – 74 mm, available system with increased thermal insulation Imperial […]



  Aluminium windows are required for better fixing and tilt windows in an affordable price range and have good quality material too. The MB-59S casement can be used for both tilt windows and window openings outward. They are manufactured to provide the architects with a flexible and strong window and door system. They can also […]



The aluminum windows are best known for their style and durability. They are one of the great and long-term additions to investing in your homes. Hence, this is one of the major reasons why they are a popular type of window people prefer to install. The aluminum windows are like a dream addition offering premium […]



The windows and doors MB-86 system is a product with high performance, giving the opportunity to meet the diverse needs of users. MB-86 is the first in the world system of aluminum windows and doors using air gel – a material with excellent thermal insulation. The advantages of the MB-86 system is high strength of profiles, allowing erection of large size and weight structures.

On the basis of the MB-86 system panel doors can also be executed, which provide rich aesthetic opportunities and are able to meet the expectations of the most demanding users.

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