Drive Somfy Oximo iO

Drive dedicated to all types of roller shutters. The mechanism is equipped in electronic torque control, what prolong functional time of the drive and the roller shutter. What else differs Oximo iO? Automatic setting of upper and lower end points, as well as feedback signal about the position of the cover. The drive also has […]


Somfy TaHoma Premium

TaHoma Premium combines all the advantages of Smart Home technology – it allows to control façade blinds, roller shutters, garage doors, entry gates, alarms, and many other devices at any time and around the world. Equipment management takes place via the application installed on your phone or tablet. The central part is Tahoma, which, when […]


Somfy Connexoon

The device is recommended to create a Smart Home. Connexoon is a switchboard with which you can control blinds, shutters, gateways or alarms from anywhere on earth. Just install the appropriate application on your phone. The application allows to program script of opening and closing roller shutters and blinds, combining weather sensors, a clock or […]


Drive Somfy RS 100 iO

Characteristic feature of RS 100 drive is possibility to work in a silent mode. When turning on, the armour works soundlessly. Drive has soft start and stop function, which provides harmonious movement and preserve roller shutters’ damages. What is more, the drive possesses additional protection, which stops the roller shutter at any time of obstacle […]


Drive Somfy Maestria 50 iO

Drive designed for controlling screen blinds. Its construction and capabilities allow for quick covering of the window on hot days. The drive has two rational speeds. It is also equipped in obstacle detection, anti-icing protection and send feedback to the user about position of the sun visor. Due to the specific product screen blinds, the […]


Drive Somfy J4 iO

Drive dedicated to façade blinds assembly. Ready to install in rectangular rails. Allows precise control of the slats’ position by a roll on the NiNa touch panel remote control and in TaHoma and Connexon applications. The drive perfectly works with the sun sensor. It can also be a part of a Smart Home. The J4 […]


Drive Somfy Dexxo Pro iO

One of the most technologically advanced drives to the garage doors. The drive has a power, which enables to lift the armour with an area of 15 m2. The start-up is very easy and lasts less than 90 seconds. Setting is pre-programmed. The safety of use is ensured by an emergency battery, which is used […]

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