Lift & slide door 85 mm

Sliding doors that have been raised are perfect as an entry point that connects rooms or winter gardens to the world and allows for easy access to a balcony, terrace, or open space. They provide an excellent environmental touch, and do not interfere with the interior decoration of the room while in an open position, […]


Ideal 7000 Aluplast

Hanging curtains or shades can completely change the look of a room, bringing warmth and style to a dull space or concealing unsightly views out of the window and doors. Your door is the first thing that an individual visiting your home would see, and having one that looks extravagant and premium will create a […]



What Is a PVC Door Panel? PVC or the poly-vinyl chloride doors gradually gained popularity in the past decades and eventually became one of the most used door panel materials. All due to the fruitful properties and added benefits that it offers to the users and market. In today’s time, PVC is used as a […]


Salamander Doors Brügmann bluEvolution: 92

Bluevolution 92 is developed in Germany with strengthened wall class A (outer walls width of 3 mm) for high quality that combines futuristic top innovations and technological advances with a logical plan in the latest upgrading of top-notch windows. The improved multi-chamber profile with a development depth of 92 mm generates splendid thermal protection and […]


Salamander Doors Brügmann bluEvolution: 73

Four-chamber technology with continuous seals guarantees perfect thermal insulation and maximum sound reduction. Security fittings with three- or five-point locks can be installed to meet the highest security requirements – so your home stays yours!

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