Sound-proof windowpanes

Increasing the acoustic comfort in the room is possible thanks to the various solutions we offer. The most important of them is building an unit glass based on the asymmetrical thickness of the glass used in the insulated glass and the use of laminated glass with a special acoustic foil. Both solutions cause different ways […]


Fireproof windowpanes

Fireproof glass available in fire resistance class EI30 (20mm thick) or EI60 (25mm thick). Fireproof glass consists of tempered windowpanes, between which there is a colourless hydrogel. Fireproof glass can be supplemented with a spacer bar and a traditional glass form to create a glass unit of different thickness with fire protection properties.   Specification high mechanical […]


Decorative windowpanes

Decorative glass is an excellent choice for windows, doors and partitions. Depending on the selected type or design, it can not only increase privacy, but also brighten the interior so that it will be optically more spacious, which is their next advantage. In addition to standard glass with a matt coating, we also offer glazing in […]


Interior muntins

The bolection bar give the window an elegant and unique character, and in some cases is an indispensable decorative element referring to the old architectural style. Our offer includes interior glass bolections glued on the glass and the so-called duplex. Each offered type is available in several widths and many colours. The inside-glazing bolections are placed […]


Pressure equalization solutions

Click here Pressure equalizing solutions, such as capillaries or altimeter, are an indispensable element if you want to install double glazing in areas located at high altitudes relative to sea level.   If the glass panes are installed in such areas and the above-mentioned solutions are not used, there is a high probability that the […]


Alarm loop

The alarm loop is an effective solution to prevent burglary through the glass into the building. This solution is usually located in one of the corners of the glass, which makes it practically invisible in the window structure. The loop is embedded in silk-screen printing, with a metal circuit connected to the power supply and to […]


Holes in the shaft

The openings in the glass, allowing for any use by the customer, can be made in single glass units as well as in double and triple glazed units. The openings can be round or rectangular with rounded corners. The wide range of available diameters of the holes allows you to order them if you want to use […]



In addition to the standard aluminium spacer bar, we also offer one of the best warm spacer bars available in the world. With the Swisspacer Ultimate, the Ψ factor can be only 0.03 W/mK. A lower value of this coefficient not only reduces the possibility of condensation on the water vapour on the glass, but also […]

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