Timber Windows

Naturo 68

A model of a Naturo wooden window with the lowest installation depth of 68mm. Thanks to the use of the latest technologies, this product is characterized by high energy efficiency. The window is available in three versions: standard, PLUS and ALU. In the Naturo 68 window system, a standard double-pane 4/16 / 4ONE package with the parameter […]


Nature 76

The standard 76mm thick Naturo wooden window is equipped with highly energy-saving solutions. The technologically advanced thermal insulation packages allow you to enjoy the style of a wooden window with the best thermal parameters. Naturo 76 windows are available in three versions: basic, PLUS and ALU. Windows can be with muntins, thanks to which they will gain […]


Naturo 88

The woodwork made on the basis of the Naturo 88 profile is recommended for energy-saving construction. An energy-saving window reduces energy consumption for heating, keeping heat in the building. Eko Okna energy-saving windows are characterized by excellent insulation parameters. Their profiles are characterized by very good insulation, while maintaining the optimal depth of construction. construction depth […]


Timber 88

Energy efficiency is essential in today’s construction industry, and therefore, the role of windows with improved thermal performance increases, they will allow savings on operating costs of a flat or a house. Therefore, Naturo 88 mm is there in our offer, thanks to a strongly expanded profile it has become possible to use even warmer […]


Timber 78

Wooden windows Naturo 78 in their wooden design with increased cross-section (78 mm), allow much better performance of heat transfer through the window, additionally used special two-chamber glass affect the improvement of the U coefficient of the window. Through the use of these windows in construction significant reduction in heating costs is achieved.


Timber 68

Windows made of pine and maranti wood characterized by a modern style derived through the use of a rounded profile with a smooth and shiny surface. The use of three-ply glued wood with adequate moisture resistance allowed to obtain resistance to warping and excellent quality. Four waterproof layers guarantee added protection and increasing the service life of windows. The use of drip protection harmonized with the aluminum whole protecting the frames doorsteps and lower edges of the sashes further increased the service life of windows.

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