BluEvolution 92

Höchste Energieeffizienz garantiert. Diese Lösung verbindet moderne Technologie, Funktionalität und wunderbares Design, was im Endeffekt Fenster höchster Klasse garantiert. Ein charakteristisches Merkmal des Systems sind schneeweiße Farbe und Glanz der Profile.

The Windows of Silesian Window Factory “KNS” have high stability of the whole frames and the sashes, so that is not susceptible to warping or twisting. They have excellent resistance to any changes in temperature and atmospheric phenomena. This is particularly important in our climate when the construction of the profile needs to sustain the tension, particularly at the corners of the window.

 “KNS” window joinery is characterized by diverse production parameters. All of them belong to the highest class production system joinery – class A. This means, among other things, that in each of our window, the minimum thickness of the external walls is 3mm, while the width of the inner chambers always exceeds 5mm.  In addition, VEKA is the only profile producer on the Polish market having the technical approval of the Institute of Building Technology – ITB.

 The extrusion of VEKA profiles is subject to constant monitoring by both: the RAL and the SKZ Tecon Institute.

 All VEKA products used in all window systems have the research on the physical and operational characteristics conducted by the IFT Institute in Rosenheim.

All “KNS” products  have the European Quality Certificate ift Q-ZERT. This is a very important advantage from the point of view of the credibility of the offer to the customer, which ensures the highest quality of windows.

Our products have also CE marking which ensure their sales in all European countries.

Additionally, we offer different profile systems (both window and door), PVC panels and a wide range of complementary products such as ornamented and colored glass, connectors, extension, window sills, safe ferrules, muntins, door handles and air vents.

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