Interior muntins

The bolection bar give the window an elegant and unique character, and in some cases is an indispensable decorative element referring to the old architectural style.

Our offer includes interior glass bolections glued on the glass and the so-called duplex. Each offered type is available in several widths and many colours.

The inside-glazing bolections are placed between the glass panes. They are an alternative to glued bolections. They not only increase the aesthetic value of the window, but also make it easier to keep clean. The glass surface from the outside is not divided by anything.

Rectangular inside bolection is most often used as Viennese type bolection. It is made of raw material compatible with the spacer bar used, thanks to which there is complete colour and material compatibility. Using this type bolection bars, together with an external bolection, it is possible to create a full Viennese type bolection, so called – duplex.

  • Kolorystyka
  • decorative bolections are available in widths of 8 mm, 18mm, 26mm, 45mm,
  • decorative bolections are available in the following versions: varnished in gold, silver and any colour from the RAL palette; veneered in the colour of the selected joinery
  • The Viennese type bolection is available in 20mm, 30mm widths,
  • The Viennese type bolection is available in a colour that matches the spacer bar colour.
Viennese type bolection
Decorative bolection
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