Okna dachowe Termo Premium

Termo Premium roof windows are characterized by an original, rounded profile geometry. Thermal transmittance of the window Uw = 1.3 W / m²K.


  • Pleasant atmosphere in the apartment – ensures optimal access of daylight to the rooms, the system of four seals guarantees perfect tightness of the window.
  • Long-lasting durability – aesthetic, resistant to aging, not sensitive to moisture and temperature changes PVC, ideal for use in every room of your home, steel reinforcements inside the profiles improve the statics of the entire structure
  • Design – do not require any maintenance.
  • Functionality – the increased axis of rotation of the window and the handle mounted at the bottom of the window guarantee ease of use and more space in the room.
  • Parameters
  • Color
  • Size

Convincing values

Thermal insulation

Uw = 1,3 W/m²K

Heat transfer coefficient

Ug = 1,0 W/m²K

Spacer frame

plastic (warm frame / TGI)

Gas filling


Air permeability

class 2


class E750

Wind load resistance

class C3

Colors of wood-like veneers

Golden Oak




Colors of the cladding and sealing collars

RAL 7043

RAL 8019

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