Pressure equalization solutions

Pressure equalizing solutions, such as capillaries or altimeter, are an indispensable element if you want to install double glazing in areas located at high altitudes relative to sea level.


If the glass panes are installed in such areas and the above-mentioned solutions are not used, there is a high probability that the installed glass will break. This will be due to the lower air pressure at the end user’s installation site.


We offer two solutions that may be necessary to avoid cracks in these cases:


Capillaries are a metal tube mounted in the frame of the insulating glass. With its help, in the space between the panes, there is exactly the same pressure that occurs in the location after the glazing has been transported to the place of the final assembly.


The altimeter is a system for compensating the intra-chamber pressure of insulating glass units. There is a plug in the distance frame with an overlaid external seal. Insulating glass units equipped with this solution are prepared in the production plant. For this reason, providing information when ordering about the final installation site (height above sea level, average annual temperature at the installation site) is necessary to properly prepare the glazing for the conditions prevailing there.


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