Revento windows are manufactured on 5-chamber profiles with a width of 70 mm. They have the class and technology of the highest product shelf. They are ideal for both new and renovated buildings.

  • product features:
  • renowned German 5-chamber profile - excellent thermal protection and effective noise suppression (excellent heat transfer coefficient U = 1.2 to 1.3 W / m2K)
  • special construction - reinforcement of the sash guarantees perfect statics and safety
  • profile width 70 mm - better energy-saving values, durability and safety
  • A class profile - the highest standards of thermal and acoustic resistance
  • elegant line with rounded contours of the profiles - perfect for any architectural style
  • secure seating of the glass - a profile with a depth of 24 mm increases safety
  • 13 mm axis of the fitting notch - better protection against breaking or removing the window
  • a special gasket with a chamber - protection against the penetration of moisture and air
  • smooth profile surfaces - easy to maintain without the need for maintenance
  • special seals with surfaces oriented like profiles
  • perfect protection over uncontrolled heat exchange and excellent drainage of water and pollutants
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