Softline 82

The structure of Softline 82 profiles is characterized by an extremely careful and aesthetic design line and a multi-chamber structure. Thanks to this, it achieves very low heat transfer coefficients (both for the glass and for the entire window). The elegant form with a slightly rounded shape, in turn, is responsible for the elegance and top-class design, making Softline 82 a unique product in every respect. Perfect for use in energy-saving and passive construction.

  • product features:
  • renowned German 7-chamber profile
    - sophisticated shape, stability, excellent parameters
  • installation depth 82 mm - excellent durability, thermal insulation and great heat savings
  • innovative profile design - optimal temperature distribution and no water vapor condensation on the inside of the profile
  • heat transfer coefficient Uw below 0.6 W / m2K with an innovative
    7-chamber geometry and a triple-pane package - thermal insulation, reduction of heating costs and energy efficiency
  • a unique structure with the use of traditional steel reinforcements
    - a sensational coefficient of Uf = 1.0 W / m2K
  • glazing with a thickness of 24 to 52 mm - perfect thermal insulation parameters
  • glass embedding at a depth of 25 mm - reduction of thermal bridges and greater safety
  • the use of special steel - very good and proven steel achievements (frame
    and sash) used for a long time in 70 mm systems; stability
    and security
  • innovative structure of the sash surface - it sticks to the central seal, ensuring perfect tightness of the entire window in this place
  • walls that meet the highest A-class standards - greater safety
    and noise reduction
  • special triple gasket system (outer, middle, inner) - perfect noise, cold and moisture insulation
  • wide application possibilities: windows, window doors, entrance doors, sliding doors
  • smooth profile surfaces - easy to maintain without the need for maintenance (the material is almost 100% recyclable)
  • universal profile - compatible with all branded fittings on the market (also anti-burglary)
  • elegant design - beautiful design, aesthetics and functionality
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