Sound-proof windowpanes

Increasing the acoustic comfort in the room is possible thanks to the various solutions we offer.

The most important of them is building an unit glass based on the asymmetrical thickness of the glass used in the insulated glass and the use of laminated glass with a special acoustic foil.

Both solutions cause different ways of changing the characteristics of acoustic waves, therefore, in order to achieve the highest values of noise suppression, it is recommended to choose glazing containing both of these features.

  • Specification
  • laminate made of float/thermofloat glass and acoustic foil,
  • the possibility of making various combinations of laminated glass with 3-6mm glass glued with one or two acoustic foils,
  • acoustic insulation of soundproof insulated glass Rw = 51dB,
  • a wide range of insulated glass units with increased acoustic coefficient (e.g. 6/16Ar/4th
    [Rw = 35dB], 66.1th Si/14Ar/4/14Ar/44.1th Si [Rw = 51dB]).
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