The Swingline system is an attractive rounded design with balanced proportions. The glazing bead flush with the sash surface and a 5-chamber profile with a frame width of 70 mm ensure high insulating properties and reduce noise and heat loss.

  • product features:
  • renowned German 5-chamber profile
  •  excellent thermal insulation and effective noise suppression (excellent heat transfer coefficient U = 1.2 to 1.3 W / m2K)
  • specially made internal profile structure
  • greater durability and safety
  • steel reinforcements - perfect statics, functional durability and greater anti-burglary security
  • profile width 70 mm - better energy-saving values, durability and safety
  • greater possibility of glazing (from 14 to 42 mm) - without the need for additional profiles
  • thickness of external profile walls not less than 2.8 mm - parameters of the highest RAL and A class standards
  • side height of the sash and frame profiles (118 mm) - greater glass surface and excellent interior lighting
  • two external gaskets - very good tightness, acoustic insulation, thermal insulation and excellent drainage of water and dirt
  • new generation fittings - a higher standard of safety and comfort.
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