In addition to the standard aluminium spacer bar, we also offer one of the best warm spacer bars available in the world.

With the Swisspacer Ultimate, the Ψ factor can be only 0.03 W/mK. A lower value of this coefficient not only reduces the possibility of condensation on the water vapour on the glass, but also allows a significant reduction in the heat transfer coefficient for the entire window.

  • Specification
  • Colours
  • available in widths 6-24mm,
  • linear thermal bridge coefficient Ψ = 0.03 W / mK,
  • made of composite material,
  • available in white, light brown, dark brown, light grey, dark grey, black.

RAL 9016 (biały)

RAL 8003 (brąz jasny)

RAL 8016 (brąz ciemny)

RAL 7040 (szary ciemny)

RAL 7035 (szary jasny)

RAL 9005 (czarny)

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