PSK Door (Parallel Tilt And Slide Door)

There are two opening mechanisms for a parallel tilt and slid door: moving the sash towards the
inner part of the room and then sliding it parallel to the window plane, towards the pull-back
area. Therefore, a PSK door is a better alternative to the traditional patio door in terms of space

Also, you can freely choose the material – plastic, plastic-aluminum, wood, wood-aluminum –
you desire. Utilize our configurator for your personalized PSK door at an irresistible price.
Steps to get your preferred sliding door using our configurator

 Select material and design: Top-quality designs constructed with plastic, plastic
aluminum, wood, or wood-aluminum.
 Select specific color and type: Double or multi-part PSK doors available in a wide
selection of colors and decors – suitable for every home.
 Choose your specific dimensions: We construct our PSK doors with measured precision,
even the large-sized ones.
 Choose your desired glazing: Insulating glazing, soundproof glazing, safety glazing, or
decorative glass are available for all specifications.
 Choose extra fittings: Improve burglary security by selecting our first-class Winkhaus
fittings with resistance classes up to RC 2 N and lockable handles.
 Make your purchase and have it delivered.

Additional Information

How The PSK Door Works- Simple And Convenient

A parallel slide and tilt door is a versatile door design that can be rapidly and easily installed in
both new and renovated buildings. This door type stands out in remodeling on or in the house
because it requires a tiny amount of space in the construction device and later when installed.
Therefore, there is space efficiency whether the door is open or closed while providing the
benefit of a steady flow of sunshine and light. It is also a profitable purchase both as an interior
and an exterior door to boost the charm and stylish mood of the house.


How it works

A movable and fixed component is installed in a profile attached to the
brickwork on all the edges. The movable element can then be opened and closed using glide
and running rails. The movable sliding sash slides over the fixed sash with the fixed glass when
the door is opened, aligning the two panes.

Consequently, parallel tilt and slide doors are often perfect when a rotating panel is regarded as
inconvenient and intrusive due to the door panel projecting far into the room. Therefore, you
can fully maximize the room area.

Also, assembling the parallel construction is quick and does not require extensive modifications
to the house and entrance. You can install the narrow frames in each construction phase
without disrupting or impeding other construction projects.

The insertion of the glass panes and the installation of the stable aluminum rails – typically
covered with wood or precious metal and give good stability and security – can be quickly

However, the materials utilized in the frame and the glazing of the pieces can differ.
Generally, our sliding doors are available in the following materials:

 wood
 aluminum
 plastic
 wood-aluminum combination
 Plastic-aluminium combination

Before choosing the suitable material for your PSK door, you should analyze many factors
before placing your order. Though an aluminum profile is distinctly sturdier than a wooden
profile, it has a different look and does not stand out compared to the warmth and charm of
the natural wood material.

Also, wood and plastic have higher values than aluminum in terms of insulation. However,
aluminum is highly weather-proof and offers more security, courtesy of its durability.
Authentic Energy Efficiency And Security

Besides having all benefits of a regular door, a parallel tilt and slide door also offers good
insulation qualities. The secret is in its double or triple sealing levels, which work together to
provide a superior sound and heat insulation. When the door is closed, the high degree of

tightness guards against moisture infiltration, especially after heavy rainfall, thereby preventing
external water entry.

The continuous sealing level in the entrance and specially insulated fittings in the floor area
provide a moisture-resistant barrier that does not obstruct the sliding door's movement and
ease of operation.

Other structural fittings like triple insulating glass, special security glass, soundproof glasses,
e.t.c., can upgrade this energy-efficient door with triple insulating glass, special security glass,
soundproof glasses, and other structural fittings.

However, our products guarantee the best quality in craftsmanship and operation. You can
personally assemble your door with detailed instructions or hire a professional.

Different Opening Options And Construction Models

The parallel tilt and slide system can be configured and coupled in various ways to provide
additional functionality. The door gives different advantages in terms of opening and operation
depending on the model.

You can also use the product configurator to choose your parallel slide and tilt door's structure,
material, glazing, operations, and design. When aligned panes are open, the vast expanse
conserved creates room and expands the living area.

Below is a selection of the models we offer:

1. Standard two-part construction consisting of a movable sliding sash and fixed glazing.

2. Two-part model consisting of a moveable sliding sash and a revolving sash. Therefore, you
can freely choose to slide the sliding panel over the closed revolving panel or open the
revolving panel door.

A significant advantage is that it offers you the choice to decide which wing should serve as a
door while the sliding sash can serve as a wide-sweeping window. Also, the problem
encountered when changing houses, whereby the door is too narrow for a piece of furniture, is
quickly resolved by using the adjoining and broader sliding leaf.

3. Three-part construction comprising a moveable sliding sash in the middle and two adjoined
stationary glasses. Here, You can freely select the direction of the sliding sash. This model
stands out with the impressive sweeping view on either side and the variable door

4. Three-part construction consisting of a movable sliding sash, stationary glass panel, and a
revolving sash, or double adjacent revolving sashes. This model also offers free control on how
to open the door. Both the sliding and rotating sashes can be opened, resulting in two separate
exits from a single door frame.

The flexibility of such doors is particularly pronounced when many people need to enter the
house or yard. Therefore, this design is suitable for both public buildings used for larger
gatherings and also private residences.

5. Three-part model composed of a broad middle fixed glass panel and two sliding panels on
either side. The advantage of this model is the wide center window flanked by both doors.
These structures look especially lovely in larger spaces, conservatories, and ballrooms because
they have superb views and light incidence.

Since this latter model can be expanded if necessary, a four- or five-part construction is possible
with one or more sliding sashes with the desired number of fixed glass panes and rotating
sashes. Both the glazing and door properties can be altered and designed in the house based on
individual preferences and structural requirements.

The Limitations Of PSK Doors
 The Glazing
The weight of the sliding sash is the only constraint to consider with this product. The glass and
frame weight would strain the sash for a wide window frame when in the tilted position.
Consequently, you can only construct this model within particular leaf sizes, which should be
considered when building the door.
You may improve your PSK door , privacy, noise insulation, and security with
suitable glazing. Particular glass types have the most impact on the overall weight of the sliding
door, though you can install all standard glazing in it. Multi-pane glazing, in particular, results in
a significant weight difference as compared to a single-pane glass.
 The threshold

The tilt function on the door is a convenient and safe advantage: The issue with lift-and-slide
doors and folding and sliding doors is that you must open the movable section to allow for easy

A slight gap is sufficient, but it might present safety issues (for example, for children and pets,
also increased danger of burglary) – this is not the case with the PSK door. We hope that this
information helped you to make your selection.

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