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Windows were used to get more ventilation and light in the earlier days. However, things have changed, and windows are not only considered as the means to bring light and air but it is also used to increase the aesthetics of the building, canceling the noise level, etc. In this post, let us find out essential details about Windows From Poland. 

Types of windows

You can get different types of Windows From Poland. Each type of window contains exceptional quality and serves one or more specific objectives. The varieties of windows you can get from our site are as follows.


Aluminum windows have the characteristics of longevity and exceptional weather-resistant quality. As per the experts’ opinion, these windows offer more excellent thermal insulation and hence provide a tough competition to the wood and PVC windows. In this category, customers can get cutting-edge technology windows, and it suits the needs of those who look for nonstandard solutions. The top-selling aluminum windows of us are;


The standout feature of this window is the unique frame shapes. It allows the sash profile to hide and comes with an invisible glazing strip. The key features of these types of windows are as follows.

  • Window sash depth 68mm, frame depth 65mm.
  • Three chamber profile.
  • Options to build two-color structures.
  • Option to design Monoblock window.


If you are looking for energy-saving construction, these types of Windows From Poland are ideal. It offers excellent design possibilities, durability, thermal and acoustic insulator. The prominent features of MB-86 are as follows.

  • Window frame depth is 77 mm, and leaf depth is 77 / 86 mm.
  • With this system, you can build Despiro aluminum doors.
  • It comes with a thermal break.
  • Options to choose from one / two-chamber glazing.


The most popular type of windows these days are windows made of PVC. The main reason for its popularity is PVC windows are cheaper than windows made from other materials. The PVC windows also allow the customers to choose the windows from a more comprehensive colors selection. The maintenance of the PVC windows is also easy. The top two PVC windows are as follows.


This PVC window is the generation of multi-chamber profiles with elegant and classic lines. The Perfectline windows provide residents with more excellent protection against noise and heat loss. The significant features of this window are as follows.

  • Excellent damping and thermal insulation with five-chamber profiles.
  • It comes with an excellent heat transfer coefficient.
  • Possibility of greater glazing without needing additional profiles.


The Revento PVC windows are produced on five-chamber profiles with a width of 70 mm. The technology and class of these windows are highest. These windows are ideal for both renovated and new buildings. The key features of Revento are:

  • A profile width of 70mm offers a better energy-saving option with durability and extra safety.
  • It offers the highest thermal, acoustic resistance standards.
  • Easy to clean and maintain because of smooth profile surface.


The windows made from the woods have been in demand and use for many centuries. It is a popular choice in many places due to the availability of raw materials. However, it is again getting more demand in recent days because of the increased interest in healthy lifestyle and ecology. The wooden windows are entirely eco-friendly and do not contain any hazardous chemicals. The timber windows are made from different woods; the famous ones are oak, pine, meranti, etc. The top-selling timber windows are as follows.


This window comes with the lowest installation depth of 68mm. With the adaption of the new and advanced technologies, it is known for high energy efficiency. It comes in three versions ALU, Standard, and PLUS. The top features of Naturo 68 are as follows.

  • Window construction depth is 68 mm with double glazing of 24mm.
  • The windows are made using the selected woods and come with four layers of paintings.
  • It is made with two seal systems and three layers of gluing to provide better durability.


Nature 76 is the standard 76mm thick wooden window combined with highly energy-saving features. This window is available in 3 versions, namely ALU, Plus, and basic. The salient features of Nature 76 timber windows are as follows.

  • Two seal systems with an installation depth of 76 mm.
  • Four layers of paint coating and wood bonding.


The sash windows are unified with two edges and can slide vertically. The advantage of this design offers more airflow. These windows are gaining popularity because of their simplicity, traditional and aesthetic looks. These windows provide excellent control in ventilation. The most significant advantage of sash windows is their longevity. These windows are typically 100 years of life.


These are the industry-moving windows From Poland. There are many other types of windows under the above provided four categories. You can contact Panorama to choose the window as per your requirement.

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