Roller Shutters

A roller shutter serves many purposes other than darkening a room. It offers sun, privacy, and weather protection. Additionally, it boosts your window’s insulation, ultimately reducing energy costs.

Depending on the installation condition, you can choose an invisible top-mounted roller shutter or a modern front-mounted roller shutter.

The Best Material For Your Roller Shutter
Roller shutters primarily comprise a roller shutter box and shell, lateral guide rails, and operating parts like a belt winding machine or crank. Plastic and aluminum are usually the materials used for constructing roller shutters. Plastic shutters are often cheap and best suited for more expansive windows.

In contrast, aluminum roller shutters are sturdier
, easier to operate, and can resist harsh weather conditions more than awnings due to their anticorrosive nature.

How To Buy Your Favorably Customized Roller Shutters With Our Configurator

If you opt to order your roller shutters online, various options are available for configuration in our roller shutter shop. These options include dimensions, aesthetic aspects, equipment, and accessories.

In our configurator, you can choose to operate your new roller shutter manually or automatically, using an electrical roller shutter motor. You can also buy a suitable automatic home control. We always keep you current with our constantly displayed prices.

Steps on designing your dream roller shutter with our configurator
 Select roller shutter type: Available options include subtle top-mounted roller shutters for new buildings or window renovations and modern front-mounted roller shutters for retrofitting.
 Choose box shape: Available options are; square front-mounted roller shutters, round or plasterable boxes, and Basic or Premium top-mounted roller shutters.
 Select shield material: Available options include a cheap, lightweight plastic roller shutter or a stable, durable aluminum roller shutter.
 Select your dimensions: Perfectly fitted roller shutters for single or multi-part windows and combinations of windows and doors are available.
 Choose your color: You can select various colors and decors for roller shutter boxes, curtains, guide rails, and bottom rails.
 Choose a convenient drive type: You can choose a convenient and safe electric motor, while non-electrical alternatives are a belt-and-crank model.
Retrofitting Roller Shutters Or Outfitting New Buildings
There are a few considerations for an easy retrofitting of roller shutters. Front-mounted roller shutters are more appropriate for already-installed windows since they are easily installed outside the masonry or in the window opening.

Top-mounted roller shutters are cheaper for new buildings or main renovations where windows also require replacing. They can be fixed to the window before installation and then installed with it in one step. For this, you can also order windows with roller shutters from us.

Innovative Home Solutions For Convenient Roller Shutter Control

You can blend our motorized shutters with your current automated home system or install them once. With a radio motor, you can also effortlessly and conveniently control single or multiple roller shutters from your sofa.
With the two-way radio technology io-homecontrol® and the TaHoma Premium central unit from Somfy, you are deemed sophisticated and can even combine different sensors. This option not only enhances convenience and safety but also helps to conserve energy.
io home control®

The manufacturer-free radio protocol, io-homecontrol®, allows you to connect smart devices and automate your home individually. Its unique feature is two-way communication: If a command is sent to a device, it shows the arrival and execution of the command. With a radius of approximately 20 meters above three floors, io-homecontrol® is also ideal for houses and apartments.

Additional Information
Differences In Available Roller Shutter Systems
The main difference between front-mounted and top-mounted roller shutters is installation. Top-mounted roller shutters are first fixed to the window and then mounted with it. Consequently, they are best suited for new buildings or large-scale renovations involving window replacement.
On the contrary, front-mounted roller shutters fixed to the brickwork or window opening are best for retrofitting. Then, the roller shutter box blends in with the facade or serves as a design.
Beautiful Reference Objects: The roller shutter as a design for the facade
Aside from sun protection, privacy, and darkening a room, roller shutters also serve an aesthetic purpose. Our online shop has front-mounted roller shutters with various box shapes that beautify the house facade and are configurable in different colors. On the other hand, top-mounted roller shutters hide behind the brickwork and are virtually unseen.
You can configure your roller shutter in your chosen color to blend with the brickwork or as a prominent contrast with both options. Color options include trendy roller shutters like anthracite, beige, white, and brown.

Save Money And Energy

Are you involved in new construction or remodeling a house? Then, ensure to use roller shutters for your windows. The modern roller shutter has since been part of house furnishings offering many benefits beyond sun protection and room darkening.

Exterior Venetian blinds, shutters, or blinds increase the heat insulation of windows, effectively saving energy. The layer between the windowpane and the closed roller shutter poorly conducts heat, thus trapping valuable heat inside the house on cold days and saving costs. Also, in summer, the roller shutter protects against heat, cooling the interior.

You can use top-mounted roller shutters for new buildings or remodeled ones that require window replacement. These types are ideally specialized for this installation type and can be fixed first to the window before installing it together. This way, work is done faster, and the roller shutter box hides unseen behind the masonry.

Is Retrofitting Worth It?

Of course, windows in good condition do not require replacing when you can easily retrofit them with roller shutters. Front-mounted roller shutters – installed directly on the frame or brickwork – are ideal. The positive side is that the exterior insulation is maintained without thermal bridges.

Front-mounted and top-mounted roller shutters give you the same result in terms of thermal insulation and energy conservation. In addition, you can achieve different designs and colors for your roller shutters according to your taste.

Our configurator helps you customize your desired roller shutter model. Also, we guarantee safe and fast delivery of your roller shutter.

Since builders installed the first roll-up blinds in France in the 18th century, roller shutters have become a vital part of our houses. They offer sun and privacy protection, insulate and improve security in our homes.
It is usually up to the builder to decide the material of the roller shutter – whether plastic or aluminum.

Plastic Or Aluminium Slats
The fact is that both plastic and aluminum have their respective benefits. Though PVC is cheaper and easier to maintain, simplifying choices, you should also know that a plastic roller shutter cannot easily withstand break-ins like an aluminum profile due to its natural flexibility.

Therefore, extra security measures are recommendable. Ensure you choose a high-quality PVC if you are opting for plastic. We offer top-notch front-mounted and top-mounted roller shutters in various sizes and colors to suit your home. The colors are applied using a coil coating or anodizing process, providing extra protection for the shielded surface.

Meanwhile, you should go for an aluminum model if your windows are expansive since plastic roller shutters are only ideal for profiles with a maximum width of 3 m². Plastic becomes less stable beyond this level due to its flexibility. On the other hand, you can cover up to 8 m² and above – like patio doors – with an aluminum roller shutter.

Aluminum Material – Light, Durable And Corrosion-free
Aluminum is one of the presumed light metals, though it naturally occurs in the form of chemical compounds rather than as a metal.
Industrial mass production of the material started in the 20th century. Now, it is the second most vital metal after steel. Aluminum is mainly used in lightweight construction since the components are only approximately half the weight of steel with the same strength.

For roller shutters, the material is cast or roll-formed. Then, the slats are filled with foam for better heat insulation and to improve the firmness of the roller shutter curtain. However, aluminum’s most remarkable feature is its anticorrosive nature.
It quickly reacts with air and water to form an aluminum oxide on newly cut areas, creating a delicate, airtight, and watertight layer that protects against corrosion and rust. Shutter colors also enhance this corrosion-resistant effect.

ALULUX Aluminum Profiles

You should reflect on the type of material for your roller shutter before deciding. Though a window occupies a relatively small space on the house facade, heat loss mainly occurs there. Therefore, being proactive about window insulation saves you more money than insulating the house separately. When closed, roller shutters can reduce energy loss by around 30 percent, with older windows even by up to 45 percent.

The main advantage of ALULUX aluminum roller shutters is their material-related lightness. Despite its slight weight, an aluminum roller shutter is exceptionally sturdy with corresponding longevity. It is also resistant to heat and warping.

In addition, our partner manufacturer, ALULUX, greatly values precise production processes and quality. You will also recognize the aluminum roller shutter’s ease and smooth operation even after many years of use.

Advantages Of Aluminum Roller Shutters
In many ways, aluminum roller shutters are of higher quality than plastic models, making up for the more expensive costs. Not only are they more durable, but they also resist weather changes and still maintain their high-quality facade.

Additionally, aluminum profiles impress with the following qualities:

 Sun Protection And A Better Energy Balance
A roller shutter shields your home from harsh sunlight since this can cause excessive interior heating and gradual fading of your furniture. With aluminum roller shutters, you can leave single slats open, depending on the direction of the sun’s rays.

Also, aluminum maintains the room’s cool temperature regardless of the color of your roller shutter; white, brown, beige, or dark colored.

On the other hand, a top or front-mounted roller shutter has the opposite effect in winter. When closed, it prevents the heat from radiating through the window, reducing your energy consumption and associated costs in the long term.

 Variable Privacy Screen
The apparent purpose of a roller shutter is to shield the interior from outside views. After sundown, it makes you feel less seen when you switch on the house lights. You can choose to close the shutters entirely or leave some slats open.
 Optimum Weather Protection
Generally, harsh weather like hail, storms, and snow damage your windows. They can quickly age, especially when the frames are wooden. Aluminum roller shutters prevent this and are well protected against wear and tear due to the color application process using a special powder coating that permanently protects the surface.
 Reliable Burglary Security
The most significant value of aluminum roller shutters is in terms of security. Aluminum offers adequate protection due to the material’s robust quality and high stability, which reliably defies forceful break-in attempts. With a shutter motor, your top-mounted or front-mounted roller shutter even closes more firmly thanks to rigid shaft connectors.
 Excellent Sound Insulation
Aluminum roller shutter slats lined with PU foam have excellent sound insulation and can reduce disturbing noises from outside by up to 10 decibels. They provide peace and restful sleep even if you live on a busy street.

Light And Safe: Plastic Roller Shutters
Roller shutters are a vital part of windows and doors as they significantly increase comfort and security. They ensure privacy and increase energy efficiency, heat, frost, noise, burglary, and glare protection. Since light penetrates through the slats, you can always change the light incidence and rear ventilation, especially in summer.
The most common materials for roller shutters are aluminum and plastic (PVC). Profiles constructed with these materials are stable, robust, and require little care.

Choose Plastic Profiles – Enjoy Many Advantages
PVC (polyvinyl chloride) is a very easy-care, simple, and lightweight material that can be modeled in many ways. Its popularity in the construction industry stems from its excellent stability and weather resistance. PVC can be easily processed and recycled for floor coverings, windows, balcony doors, fittings, shutter boxes, and roller blinds.
Plastic roller shutters optimally fit small to mid-sized windows, especially if you are considering a lower price. They are specially processed to improve UV resistance and prevent yellowing effects.

In addition, the plastic material is notable for its low thermal conductivity. Therefore, plastic windows and roller shutters have excellent insulation without special foam (such as an Aluminum roller shutter). Consequently, they have a significantly lower price yet with the same function.

ALULUX Plastic

The basic top roller shutter with guide rails from ALULUX is a plastic roller shutter made of durable, extruded plastic (rigid PVC) with an integrated EPS Neopor high-performance insulation core and additional side insulation.
Thus it significantly improves the energy efficiency in the house. The shutters are particularly outstanding during installation because it is low weight and suitable for all standard window sizes and various types of masonry. These include plaster and facing masonry alongside ETICS facades (ETICS = thermal insulation composite system).

Due to its lesser weight, the PVC add-on box system is especially easy to assemble (pre-assembled) and carry. Then, it is attached to the window. In addition, its side parts made of injection-molded plastic also include a comfortable headpiece with feedthrough and a lock to prevent motor cables from moving.
Many shutter colors are available for the armor slats, including white, gray (light and light grey), beige, anthracite, and more.

Features Of The Basic Roller Shutter
With the high-quality basic plastic roller shutter, you can enjoy the following features:
 Suitable for new and remodeled buildings.
 Due to Styrodor plaster base plates and plaster brackets on both sides, it has installation options filled with plaster.
 Its interior is rotatable with flexible maintenance.
 High stability.
 Specially developed side insulation.
 It can be operated by an electric SOMFY motor, crank, or belt winder.
 Also suitable for wide frames of terraces and lift and slide doors.
 Efficient sun protection.
 The end bar is cast aluminum designed to prevent the roller shutter from freezing.
 Noise reduction by the rubber end.
 There are variable box dimensions: 175, 210, and 235 mm for all sizes up to 400 cm roller shutter height.
 Various colors for box paneling.
 The box and frame are stabilized with additional lateral fittings via screwless steel side brackets.

Options For Your Basic Roller Shutter
The two materials for your slats are either a plastic profile or a foam-filled premium aluminum profile. Also, a 2-in-1 insect screen is available as an optional accessory. The plastic and aluminum roller shutters can be designed in many ways.

For example, you can choose among many colors in the form of decorative foils for the plastic roller shutter. You can also coat the slats and the attachment box (standard color white) in different colors (beige, grey, cream-white, and many more).

Buy Your Cheap Plastic Roller Shutters
Order your customized PVC roller shutters now with our online configurator and enjoy first-class service, high quality, and distinctive, attractive prices. You will also find care sets for wood, PVC, aluminum, as well as protective coatings and assembly accessories in our roller shutter shop.

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